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How to beat my Kids in Chess...Beginners group
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As in the past I have found great joy in teaching children the most fascinating game of the mind. Chess is a wonderful game that can help children develop mental discipline, analytical skills, strategic thinking skills and  children to do better in school and much, much more, all while having fun.

My beliefs are that children, when it comes to learning, have no barriers! And that is how I instruct.

I would like to tell a story that I found fascinating and backs up my beliefs. After telling the story of how Chess was created for kings and Queens, how games were played by messengers,  one move at a time, the children played a team chess game with messengers. Eight players on each side. The children had to take turns making their teams move, however before touching a piece the group had to discuss the moves and analyze the position. Upon agreeing on what plan of action to take place,  A particular player and the player whose turn it was next would write the move down and deliver the move to the other team. The opposing team by the way was in a different room analyzing the same game and discussing their plans!

I often see parents amazed at children moving chess pieces on the board. This does not amaze me. The amazing thing to this story is that after replaying the game with the children, you could do this if you write the moves down,  I noticed that the moves were of very high-level Chess moves. Keep in mind that the children made all the moves.

I took the game back to the chess center, put it on the computer, and to my delight, I found quite a few grandmaster games with the EXACT position of the board that the children had played. Did I forget to mention this was not the advance Chess group?


Peter Croce

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