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Pizza Party / Chess


Chess Field trip.












We will meet at McDonalds, In Hoboken.



  • 9 Am to 10 AM meet. Have breakfast, (optional) 

Play chess.


  • 10 AM travel to Washington Sq Park.

Play the Chess hustlers.


  • 11 to 2 Pm, Visit the famous Chess Shop & Chess Forum. View the thousands of chess sets, 

play the Masters, and maybe the Grandmasters.


  • 12 – 12:30 PM have A Lunch break. Time permitting; visit the World Famous Marshal Chess Club.


  • 3 PM return to Hoboken.  Movie time. Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Registration Fee,  $25 per family.

I Will attend.       I will NOT attend.

Our previous trip;

Thank you for your participation.

Our Chess field trip was a great success.

Our group spent the day visiting some of the strongest and FAMOUS chess areas in the World.

  • We viewed the Hundreds of Chess sets.
  • We played at the Chess shop.
  • We visited the Chess Forum.
  • Grandmaster Richie played ALL.                    

(Sorry to say No one beat Richie, including yours truly.) 

And we visited the Famous Marshal Chess Club. Where we on the famous chess table used by World Champions, Bobby Fischer and Raul Capaclanca.

Tournament Schedule;

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