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From International Master
Ronny Lukman

Ronny Lukman is an international Master from Indonesia.

His Games Can be found In Chess base.


Ronny Spent 6 months in 2004 in Hoboken and exhibited a incredible talent of attack.

Our plans are to Bring him bask to Hoboken and sponsor him in Grand master tournaments.

I have no questions on his ability to become a granmaster.

However I found him to be one with a tremendous ability to educate through his lessons!.


We at the Hoboken Chess Club are trying to pursue Ronny’s dream to come back to the U.S.A. however he has been primarily involved in volunteer efforts with the Sunomy.

How It works.

You register for a on-line lessons , You and I schedule  5  one hour lessons.
$ 25 per hour
To register, email me line intem times and dates for your lessons and make a payment, Check, money order or certified checks only.
I guarntee his lessons will be 100 percent work the time spent!

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